Making a difference: Our day at Chailey Heritage Foundation

It was incredibly humbling to see such a beautiful school like Chailey and to know that there is a place for everyone.


What did the day involve?

When we arrived, we were met by Will Folkes (Chailey’s Head of Fundraising) who gave us an intro to the school. I was surprised at how big the school is and after talking with Will he told us they have 85 pupils, with 30 permanent pupils who are accommodated towards the back part overlooking the fields. – HM

We were tasked with painting one of the school classrooms used by the infants and junior school children. The team did not expect us to be as fast as we were at getting the painting done, so had to think of other things we could do! This second part of the day involved taking down notice boards in the classroom next door, filling holes, putting a second coat of paint on the walls/skirting boards and cleaning the paint out of the brushes and rollers. – JC

What did you learn?

Will explained to us that the school relies on fundraising to stay open as they are not Government funded. It was great to see that the school is full of specialist equipment to support the children – they even have horse riding facilities! – JRB

I knew the school had been established for quite a long time, but I didn’t realise that it opened in 1903 in an old workhouse that still forms part of the main school buildings. – JC

What was your best moment?

It was incredibly humbling to see such a beautiful school like Chailey and to know that there is a place for everyone. – HM

It was really lovely to chat to the team outside of work and come together as a team to do something for the community. – JRB

It was very rewarding knowing that you are helping out so that any fundraising can be used to provide equipment for the children and young adults. – JC

Do you have any tips for those who haven't done it before?

For anyone considering volunteering at Chailey – do it. It’s good fun. Also, wear clothes that you can get messy as I am still scrubbing off the paint! – JRB

Make sure if you know you are going to be painting you wear really old clothes. several of us ended up with paint on our clothes and in our hair! – JC

Sum up the day using one word

Amazing. -HM

Rewarding. – JC

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